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Gas Torch Manufacturer in Taiwan

Let our knowledgeable staff find the right product for you - whether it’s a new gas torch you're interested in or the gas torch you use now, we'll help you create the best application experience. Your complete satisfaction is our ultimate goal. We invite you to look at our Website and you will find us to be a reliable source for your needs. We will establish the long-term co-operation and growth together with your business.
Kitchen Chef Micro Torch


Kitchen Chef Micro Gas Torch

Create restaurant quality food at home !
The RK2070 is an awesome tool for kitchen use. It is ideal for caramelizing sugar, roasting, melting…etc.
This kitchen torch makes dishes look more appealing and professional instantly.
Easy to operate and compact size with children-resistant ignition for safety.

MOQ: 200 pcs /per item


  • Refillable "Metal" fuel tank.
  • Anti-Flaring.
  • Excellent heat balance design.
  • Electronic instant ignition system.
  • Bigger, wider and flame adjustable.
  • Metal gas tank allows refilling in any time.
  • Ergonomic design, operates any angle.
  • Minimum of 35 minutes use on each filling depending on the large flame setting, 70 minutes on the small flame setting.
  • Meet U.S. CPSC-Child Resistant Standard.
  • With CE mark, certificated by EU lab.
  • Crème brûlée
  • Cooking
  • Kitchen
  • Hobbies
  • DIY
Item No. RK2070
Grip Diameter (A) 35mm
Width (B) 115mm
Height (C) 160mm
Dry weight (W/O Fuel) 190g
Gas capacity (±10%) 22 grams
Max.Temperature Attainable 1,250±50°C or 2,280±120°F
Working time (Depending on flame setting) large flame (min) About 35 minutes per filling
small flame (min) About 70 minutes per filling
Meet U.S. CPSC-Child Resistant Standard
【Color Available】
Neon Red
Neon Orange
RK2070 with cross design grip
RK2070 Black
RK2070 Silver
RK2070 Red
RK2070 Orange
RK2070 Neon Red
RK2070 Neon Orange
RK2070 with plain design grip (W/O cross design)
RK2070 Orange
RK2070 Orange
RK2070 Red
RK2070 Red

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Founded in 1986, Rekrow Industrial Inc. started with the development and manufacture of gas torch. With the continuous effort over the years, our company has accumulated industry’s best R&D capabilities and became one of the biggest and highest quality manufacturers. Rekrow Industrial Inc. achieved a market leader position in the gas torch and thereby strengthens the company’s position on the household & kitchen supplies market. Apart from this, the offered products are highly demanded in the market for their lightweight, attractive design, low maintenance, easy to operate, optimum performance, reliability and durability.