Rekrow Industrial Inc.

Rekrow Industrial Inc. was established in 1986 as one of the leading Butane Gas powered tool manufacturers in Taiwan. We are renowned for the technical skills and knowledge in the application, design and production of butane products. A commitment of Rekrow Industrial Inc. is to focus and insist on the design and manufacture of “100% metal” refillable fuel tank of butane tool with UL, GS / DVGW, CE mark and U.S. CPSC - Child Safety standard to customers and markets. Thanks to well-designed, high quality products made in Taiwan, Rekrow is the winner of Taiwan Excellence 2015, 2018, 2019 and 2020. The good reputation of Rekrow is well-known as a trusted manufacturer of butane tool, Micro Torch, Soldering Iron, Micro Burner and Stove.

Soldering Iron Supplier

Rekrow Industrial Inc. is a technology company focused on the development and distribution of soldering iron kit. With a competitive approach, our workforce strives to meet the expectations of our clients and offer them the desired end results. Our strict inspections and testing have ensured that all our soldering iron kit achieve a high level of performance even in harsh conditions. Our team is the innate strength of our organization. Welcome to contact with us if you are looking for highly efficient soldering iron kit.


Multi-Function Soldering Iron Kit with Hot Scraper

RK3134 soldering iron kit is with an unique and stylish appearance and multi-purpose functions.
It is an ideal tool for wood surface repairing, welding, also can be used as heat cutting.. etc.
Come with 6 attachments for more various applications. Excellent heat balance design and metal gas tank allows long-time continuous working. Easily refillable with butane gas and will last up to 70 minutes per filling depending on the flame setting.

MOQ: 200 pcs /per item


Butane Powered Soldering Iron Tool Kit with U.S. CPSC Child-Resistance Standard,Multi-Purpose Type Kit

This versatile soldering Iron tool meets U.S. CPSC Child-Resistance standard and also is qualified with GS/DVGW standard. It is a perfect tool to have when you need to do soldering, shrinking, hot cutting.. .etc. It's designed with features to withstand long time continuous working and come with an electronic instant ignition system and a child-resistant mechanism. Come with 5 attachments for a variety of applications.

MOQ: 200 pcs /per item


Multi-Purpose Cordless Soldering Iron Tool Kit

The RK3114 is a cordless, safe and portable butane refillable soldering iron kit and qualified with GS/DVGW standard. It features a refillable metal fuel tank and it allows refilling in any time for convenience. It comes with 5 attachments to offer various choices and applications.
Comfort grip handle with refill valve. Butane powered soldering iron kit is easy to carry and use anywhere.

3 in 1 Soldering Iron Tool Set
If you specialize in some fields, 2 attachments (with standard tip & hot blower) are good choice.  

MOQ: 200 pcs /per item

Focusing on quality, we measure it as the one important goal to achieve growth, development and progress. Having said that, we undertake each given task very precisely to gain result-oriented solutions at each point of time. As the soldering iron kit industry matured and diversified, Rekrow Industrial Inc. focused on customer needs and continually developed new products. Our company is one of the main producers of soldering iron kit in Taiwan, and is highly regarded for quality products. We achieve our goals through dedicated associates performing the highest quality workmanship, which in turn allows us to supply our customers with the best products and services.