Culinary Blow Micro Torch

Stay at home, cook at home!
Finding something interesting for the time you spend at home and make a five-star look dish!

The RK2620 could help you to achieve an eye-catching look for your food and dessert. It comes with anti-flare technology and refillable metal fuel tank for convenience. The gas tank allows refilling in any time, even just end a long time working- truly time saving.The awesome torch meets all for your culinary and pastry needs.

What’s more?
The torch is a good idea for sterilization of metal utensils. Just use the butane torch to quickly sweep over metal surface such as keys, and heat will make disinfection effect in some degree, preventing bacterial or viral contamination.
A butane torch is especially ideal for surface flame sterilization in laboratories and daily life. High quality Rekrow butane torches are also a nice choice for ampoules sealing.

MOQ: 200 pcs /per item

  • Refillable "Metal" fuel tank.
  • Anti-Flaring.
  • Excellent heat balance design.
  • Electronic instant ignition system.
  • Metal gas tank allows refilling in any time.
  • Ergonomic design, operates any angle
  • Powerful, bigger and flame Adjustable.
  • Refillable 38 grams Butane Fuel Tank.
  • Meet U.S. CPSC Child-Resistant Standard.
  • Minimum of 35 minutes use on each filling depending on the large flame setting, 90 minutes on the small flame setting.
  • With CE mark, certificated by EU lab.
  • Crème brûlée
  • Cooking
  • Kitchen
  • Hobbies
  • DIY
  • Sterilization
  • Ampoules sealing
Item No. RK2620
Grip Diameter (A) 45mm
Width (B) 118mm
Height (C) 175mm
Dry weight (W/O Fuel) 240g
Gas capacity (±10%) 38 grams
Max.Temperature Attainable 1,250±50°C or 2,280±120°F
Working time (Depending on flame setting) large flame (min) About 35 minutes per filling
small flame (min) About 90 minutes per filling
Meet U.S. CPSC-Child Resistant Standard

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