Stand & Holder
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Stand & Holder 42030029-1


Gas Refilling Holder

An ideal accessory for butane gas refilling.
Suitable for RK420 & RK460 Burner series.

MOQ: 100 pcs /per item

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  • An ideal accessory for butane gas refilling.
  • Compact size, safe and convenience.
  • Lightweight design and easy to carry.
  • Fit with RK420 & RK460 Burner series.
Turn mini burner upside down and with the refilling valve facing up. Sit mini burner on the holder and with gas control knob and ignition lever in slots. Insert gas canister nozzle vertically down into the refilling valve for filling.
Item No. 42030029-1
Base Diameter (C) 82mm
Height (D) 47mm
Weight 43g