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Butane Heating Micro Torch, Safety Type
The RK2050 is the perfect tool for soldering, heating and welding. Also, it is a safe ...


Butane Torch, Either Single Hand Type
RK2540 is a wonderful tool for soldering, heating and welding. It has a special and cr ...


Heating Butane Micro Torch
Won "2018 Taiwan Excellence Award", Original creative design product !
The RK2270 i ...


Multi-Functional Gas Torch Kit
Won "2018 Taiwan Excellence Award"
RK2274 is a versatile micro torch kit and has ...


Kitchen Chef Micro Gas Torch
Create restaurant quality food at home !
The RK2070 is an awesome tool for kitchen ...


Culinary Blow Micro Torch
Stay at home, cook at home!
Finding something interesting for the time you spend at ...


Butane Blow Torch (Standard Flame)
A great torch that produces a powerful and stable flame for various demanding job.
I ...


Heating Blow Torch (Cyclone Flame)
The product is designed with features to support the daily use.
Blowtorch more than ...


Gas Heating Micro Torch, Economy Type
The RK2060 is good for soldering, melting, shrinking, heating, Auto repair...etc.
Th ...


New Pillar Type Blow Torch
New creative Pillar Type Blow Torch makes your dishes more attractive and delicious! ...